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3 Types of Verification, Retna, Finger Print, FraudCall
Automated Telephone Fraud Prevention
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Automated Telephone Verification & Fraud Prevention
Professional Voice Quality - No Robotic Voice!
- Text to Speech - Speech to Text
- Intelligent Voice Response
- Pure Fiber Optic Network "NOT VoIP"
- Ability to Place Over 24,000 Calls Per Hour

Version 3.0 New Features
- Live Agent Connect "Connect with your Customers"
- Charge Back Protection*
- Multiple Company Profiles
- Line type Detection "Cellular, Landline"
- Additional Announcement Messages

Announcing FraudCall Version 3.0.5
Telephone Fraud Prevention - Unlike any other type of fraud prevention service available the VariLogiX FraudCall service focus has been from the start; to assist our clients Prevent Fraudulent Orders. Constantly evolving, we need to stay ahead of the fraudsters to help protect our clients. We understand fraudsters try to make your life miserable which is why we try to simplify the process of integration. through our multi partnerships with several of the internet's top billing and shopping cart providers, you can literally have the FraudCall service integrated and be preventing Fraudulent orders on your web site within minutes, it's that simple!
  What is FraudCall?  

FraudCall is a REAL TIME outbound telephone call to your customers while they are placing an order on your web site. FraudCall verifies your customers identity and the validity of their transaction by using a 4 digit authorization code which is entered into their telephone key pad, at the end of the call our system requests from your customer a digital voice signature authorization.

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FraudCall can eliminate 99% of your fraudulent orders
 FraudCall Fraud Prevention
Several Rate Plans to Choose from
Fraud Call an Automated Telephone Fraud Verification Service, verifies customers identity through a unique, scalable system which is available in 4 packages. Basic, Standard, Advanced and Pro.

 Software Developers - SDK
Simple XML API Interface
With the VariLogiX FraudCall Software Developer Kit, Developers can now build the FraudCall or AFIS system exclusively into your Products or Services Quickly and Easily.

We are now offering our developer kit free for qualifying software providers!

You Dream it, We Call It!
VariLogiX can create any inbound or outbound telephone application to be used with your software, just let us know what you need and we will give you a quote within 24 hours.

 Anti Fraud Information Service (AFIS)
Fraud Pattern Scoring
The *AFIS service from VariLogiX provides a sophisticated fraud score system and allows our users to fine tune the score system based on your own unique business rules.
* monthly fee required

 Prevention Consulting Services
Prevent fraud before it happens!
Our team of fraud prevention consultants can help you reduce credit card fraud before it happens; by helping you find the weak points in your web site and online order systems, through verbiage, procedures, training and personnel, VariLogiX is your outsource Fraud Prevention Department.

Investigative Fraud Consultation.
Let our consultants analyze and help you investigate fraudulent transactions you have received and assist you report these to the proper authorities. We can also assist you and respond to your merchant charge back notifications.
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